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Kidstuff by Melany CD (16 Songs)  $12.00    Teacher Special! ...cassette .99
Kidstuff (Play)
Circus (Play)
Opposites (Play)
Look at Others (Play)

Nice Talk (Play)

16 Songs Included: Kidstuff, Brand New Day, Today, Opposites, Alligator, Cotton Candy, Nice Talk, Look At Others, Real Love, Birdie Concert, The Circus, Noises, Clouds, Keep On Growing, Mother Prayers, Good Night Stars

The Best That We Can (12 Songs)  Teacher Special! ...cassette .99
The Best That We Can (Play)
One Day (Play)
Willing To Try (Play)
The Traffic Light Song (Play)

Kids Count (Play)

12 Songs Included: The Best That We Can, The Traffic Light Song, Oliver The Octopus, The Feet Song, Kids Count, Willing To Try, One Day, Seashore, Middle Meadow Green, Meryl's Song, Willow pond, Dreamland

Kidstuff CD w/ Song Book/Teacher Guide $17.00

Kidstuff Cas. w/ Song Book/Teacher Guide $6.00

Best That We Can Cas. w/ Song Book $6.00

Kidstuff Song Book/Teacher Guide $6.00

Best That We Can Song Book $5.00

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